A Bookmarking Demon Strategy For Dominating Your Niche

Today, I am going to show you my strategy for building links with Bookmarking Demon because after talking to a few of you, I am convinced that many of you guys aren’t taking advantage of the full power of the software. Many of you are only using a small subset of the social bookmarking sites available in Bookmarking Demon, and only bookmarking their one main site.

In this post, I am going to show you how to build up a super powerful network of sites that will help your main money site rise in the search engine results. These are the same strategies that the internet gurus are charging hundreds of dollars for that I will share with you for free. Just keep in mind that this will take a fair amount of work. Trust me though, it’s a great long term strategy and will make you quite a bit of money.

The strength of Bookmarking Demon is its ability to create accounts and submit pages very quickly. So why would you limit yourself to bookmarking just your main money site? With this technique, we are going to take advantage of high authority Web 2.0 sites, RSS feeds and Article directories to build up a strong network of sites for us to bookmark.

Using Web 2.0 sites

What we are first going to do is take advantage of Web 2.0 sites that let us post our own content. Many of these sites that I list below rank very well on Google. For example, Hubpages is probably my favorite of these and I current have hubs that rank #1 for some highly competitive keywords. Check this out for yourself. Search for any popular internet marketing related product in Google and I guarantee that you will see some Hubpages, Squidoo, Blogger or WordPress sites listed in the first couple of pages. I won’t go into how to use each site, but the main idea is to write a 500 word or so article that is related to your main site, and include a link back to your site using your targeted keywords as your anchor text. For each new page you create, ping it with a pinging service like Ping.in and add each one into Bookmarking Demon. By linking to these Web 2.0 properties, you are further increasing the strength of the link back to your money site. Here are some of the best Web 2.0 sites to use:

Using Article Directories

Now take this same idea and apply it to article directories as well. This time, create a new set of original 350-500 word articles that you can use for submissions. Unlike the Web 2.0 properties, most article directories don’t let you put your links in the body of your article. Instead you need to create an author resource box which will appear at the bottom of your article. This is where you can insert a link back to your site. For the lazy, at least submit your articles to Ezinearticles and GoArticles. EzineArticles because their articles are usually highly ranked in the results and GoArticles because there is no waiting time to get your articles published. After each article is submitted, make sure to ping each article and add it into BookmarkingDemon for submission. Here is a list of the top article directories that currently give you dofollow links.

Using RSS Feeds

Your main money site should have it’s own RSS feed. In addition, when you add some content to the Web 2.0 properties I mentioned above, you will get separate RSS feed for each of sites as well. For article directories, many give you an RSS feed to your author profile. What we are going to do is take each of these feeds and submit them to RSS aggregator sites. When you add your RSS feed to each of these sites, they will actually create for you a new standalone page for you that contains the content of your feed with links back to the original page. Guess what that means? Yup, a new site that you can add into Bookmarking Demon to bookmark. A nice side benefit that I have found from using these RSS feed aggregators is that they allow your pages to get indexed by Google extremely quickly. All you need to do is ping these RSS pages whenever any content changes. Here are some of the best RSS aggregator sites to use.

Final Thoughts

The more effort you put into this link building strategy, the more benefits you will see from it. The result is your very own blog network that you control and costs nothing to setup. Each additional page you create is on a site that has high authority and Google loves this content. Plus, they give you the power to use any anchor text you like to link back to your page. A site like Hubpages gets a lot of internal traffic as well, so you should see increased traffic along with the SEO benefits. As I mentioned earlier, this Web 2.0 strategy is not new, and is used by many people. However, the twist though is to use your copy of Bookmarking Demon to exponentially increase the strength of your blog network. If you perform just one Bookmarking Demon run on each new page you create, that’s at least 100 extra links to your network that is all funneling back to your main money site. Just think about doing multiple runs with it. This is what makes this Bookmarking Demon strategy insanely powerful.

I hope you liked this post and in my next one I will show you how you can save a ton of time building up this blog network by spending a little bit of cash. I also have an additional bonus for you guys. If you want to find out where I learned this original Web 2.0/RSS strategy and understand it in more detail, I have access to an audio interview with internet guru Jason Katzenback called Web 2.0 Cash, where he discusses this technique in depth. It is about an hour long, and I guarantee you will learn a lot from it. All you need to do, is put in your name and email address in the form below, and I will give you access to it immediately for free. Don’t worry, I don’t spam.

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