A Bookmarking Demon Strategy For Dominating Your Niche

Today, I am going to show you my strategy for building links with Bookmarking Demon because after talking to a few of you, I am convinced that many of you guys aren’t taking advantage of the full power of the software. Many of you are only using a small subset of the social bookmarking sites available in Bookmarking Demon, and only bookmarking their one main site.

In this post, I am going to show you how to build up a super powerful network of sites that will help your main money site rise in the search engine results. These are the same strategies that the internet gurus are charging hundreds of dollars for that I will share with you for free. Just keep in mind that this will take a fair amount of work. Trust me though, it’s a great long term strategy and will make you quite a bit of money.

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Article Demon Released

I just got an email from Edwin in the mail today announcing the release of Article Demon. Basically, Article Demon is to article marketing as Bookmarking Demon is to social bookmarking. When it comes down to it, article marketing can be a very tedious process. But we continue to do it because it WORKS. That’s why I’m really intrigued by the automation capabilities of Article Demon as I think it can really save us time and effort in our article marketing efforts.

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Synnd Review

Bookmarking Demon is a really useful social bookmarking tool, and it’s still a daily part of my link building process. It’s both fast and simple to use. Still, I’m always looking for an extra edge when building links on social bookmarking sites and I’ve come across a cool tool called Synnd. Instead of you bookmarking your own sites using Bookmarking Demon, Synnd leverages the power of it’s 800 plus members and has them build backlinks on social bookmarking sites for you. Everything is mostly automated, and after a few months now as a member, I’ve found I’m getting some really nice results with it. In this Synnd review, I’m going to share with you exactly how Synnd works and how to use it.

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